Introduction of VICS center

Name and Address Vehicle Information and Communication System Center
(VICS Center)

Nittochi Kyobashi Bldg.,8F
2-5-7 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Fax: (03)3562-1719

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President Mr.Noritaka KURAUCHI
Date of foundation July first, 1995
Purpose The purpose of VICS center is to make a contribution to the establishment of safe and comfortable traffic environment, to achieve affluent civil life, and to develop social economy. For this aim, we systematically gather, process, and edit needed road traffic information, managing and operating the traffic information system by using communication and broadcasting media for transmitting to car navigation installed automobiles, sending accurate information to drivers.
Description of businesses  VICS center performs a following services to achieve the purpose described above.

1. Gathering, processing, editing road traffic information, providing via communication and broadcasting media.
2. Surveillance and research on road traffic information system.
3. Management of intellectual property right related to road traffic information system
4. Consignment of business activities to achieve the purpose of the 'number 3' written above,
5. Information gathering for road traffic information system inside and outside of the country, and having contacts with authorities or corporations concerned
6. And all other business to achieve the purpose of VICS center.
Competent Ministries National Police Agency
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and transport
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VICS Center

Guide chart