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List below is the list of various graphics provided as VICS information.

Congestion Information

Congestion is indicated by red color, jam is orange, and fine is green. The length of an arrow represents the degree of congestion.

* The definition of the word ′congestion′, ′jam′, and ′fine′ depends on the classification of the road, like ordinary road or expressway.

Indication of Traffic Restrictions

Information on traffic disorder

These icons indicate accident, disabled car, traffic obstruction, construction site, etc.

accident traffic obstruction construction site
disabled vehicle work operation icy road

Information on traffic restriction

These icons indicate blocked road, speed limit, lane restriction, etc.

Road Blocked Speed Limit Lane Regulation
Entry Ramp
Slow No Entry One-Way Alternate Two-Way Traffic
Entry Ramp Closed
Road Closed to
Large-Size Cars
Chain Regulation  

Information on parking lots

It indicates the location of parking lots and sa/pa, telling by collars if it's available or not, and what kind of facilities it has.

• Parking lot availability by collars

• Indication example of detailed
information on parking lot

* The representational function differs according to the navigation equipment.
Please read operation manual for more information.

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