For life with zero traffic jams.

Japan is not a very spacious country, and
the land is filled with numerous mountains
and hills. So, inevitably, the population is
concentrated in cities and must move about
in crowded urban areas. And although the
way people utilize vehicles is diversifying
as new sustainable lifestyles gradually
appear, traffic conditions in Japan still
cannot be discussed without facing traffic

This is why VICS is keenly dedicated to
working for life with zero traffic jams.

As a member of a developed nation that has
long experienced the challenges of traffic
congestion, as well as the organization that
handles traffic data, VICS seeks to cut the
social cost of traffic jams to zero. Our
solution is a car navigation system installed
in vehicles throughout the nation.

Unique efforts only VICS can accomplish:
- Big data collection and integration
- Demonstration testing on a social scale
- Access to reliable information gathering
- Remarkably precise network coverage

A new era of smoother traffic flow is
moving ahead. We are accelerating into life
with zero traffic jams.

▶ Highly reliable traffic navigation systems are installed on approx.
40 million vehicles.

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▶ We support users with information on traffic and weather
conditions based on nearly real-time data.

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▶ Through probe integration, we step forward into life with zero
traffic jams.

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See how we take various approaches to addressing
challenging issues at VICS,
and how we can achieve our aim of life with zero
traffic jams.