Positioning of the VICS Center

VICS is an innovative information and communication system, enables you to receive real-time road traffic information about congestion and regulation, This information is edited and processed by Vehicle Information and Communication System Center, and shown on the navigation screen by text or graphical form. You can receive information 24 hours a day, everyday.

In the VICS Center, the accumulated information is sent to car navigation in real time through three media, and the data is processed or edited so that it can be displayed in an easy-to-view manner through three display types.
The provision of information was started in April 1996 in the Tokyo area, and currently, the service has reached all prefectures.

Download VICS Pamphlet

Download VICS Pamphlet

VICS Pamphlet (Latest version)

This pamphlet explains attractions, information, mechanisms, and manner of utilization of VICS in an understandable way.

Information is provided through
three communication and broadcast media

  • FM multiplex broadcasting
    (NHK local FM multiplex broadcasting stations)

    VICS information is provided for a wide area at the prefectural level.
    It is sent from NHK broadcasting stations nationwide as FM multiplexbroadcasting.

    FM multiplex broadcasting can provide information about the prefectures you are in, neighboring area and regional borders.

  • Radio wave beacons

    Radio wave beacons are installed on expressways (installed by the road administrator).
    The information provision area of Radio Wave Beacons is about 1,000 km in the direction of travels.

    This information tells you the condition of traffic congestion, link-travel-time on expressway, regulations, SA/PA information, interruption, interval-travel-time between interchanges, etc.

  • Infrared beacons
    (Ordinary trunk roads)

    Infrared beacons are installed on the main public roads (installed by the prefectural police).
    The Infrared Beacons provide information covering about 30 km in the forward direction and about 1 km in the rear direction.

    This information tells you the condition on traffic congestion link travel time, regulations, parking lot information, interval travel time, etc.

What is VICS?

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