Introduction of VICS WIDE

New Service - VICS WIDE

The transmission capacity of FM multiplex broadcasting has become almost double. It has become possible to provide a new information service that is more compatible with user needs.

Introducing VICS WIDE through a video!

Good parts of VICS WIDE

What We Heard from the VICS WIDE Users

It has a big impact on various scenarios here and there! VICS WIDE

  • For excursions and driving

    Even your first travel or drive can be smooth and easy!

    You can ask to be re-routed whenever you wish, and thus our drive was a pleasant one because we didn't worry. (Family A)

    Since the estimated arrival time is accurate, things could be easily planned out at the arrival destination. (Family B)
  • For commuting

    Traffic congestion and accidents during commuting can be avoided, which makes it possible to reach the destination without any delay!

    The usual commuting route was congested due to an accident, but I was automatically led to another route, and could thus avoid delay. (Ms. A)

    I was even led to the main road when it was not over-crowded, and therefore, I could quickly and smoothly reach my destination. (Mr. B)
  • For shopping and appointments

    The time taken for regular shopping can be saved by avoiding traffic congestion!

    At times when you seem to be getting late for meeting your friend, deciding the quickest route used to be confusing until now, but this function proves to be extremely reassuring in that the route can be suggested in view of the time required. (Ms. C)

    There was this route that I never used as it always used to be congested during New Year’s time, but after being led by the navigation, I quickly reached my destination as it was unexpectedly not over-crowded. I would not have selected this route on an ordinary day. (Ms. D)
  • For commercial use

    Since the arrival time is accurate, there is some spare driving time!

    The road that I usually take for my work place was congested, but I was led to a different route, and could reach my destination earlier than expected. (Company A)

    Since the estimated arrival time is accurate, the indicated arrival time at the destination is achieved, and there is some spare driving time. (Company B)

The dissemination of VICS WIDE
will be extremely advantageous for the society

The traffic congestion can be reduced by approximately 10%,
and a comfortable driving environment can be achieved

Estimated Socio-Economic Effects of VICS WIDE

What’s new in VICS WIDE?

* Probe data: Data on position and time collected directly from cars being driven (travel history).

  • List of manufacturers of VICS WIDE-compatible car navigation