History of VICS

year month principal events
1990 Mar. Inauguration of "Road Traffic information liaison council(VICS liaison conference)"
members: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Ministry of Construction
1991 Sep. "Road Traffic information liaison council(VICS liaison conference) Meeting of promoters "
representative: Shoichiro Toyoda
Oct. Inauguration of "VICS Promotion Conference"
Purpose: Early realization of VICS
Chairman: Mr.Hiroshi Inose
members: 201 groups
1992   Interim report on FM multiplex telecasting
1993 May "VICS Grand seminar"
Venue: Sankei Hall
Content: transmission technology and way to bring into business
Nov. VICS open demonstration experiment, and holding of symposium
delegates from IVHS America (now-ITS AMERICA), and ERTICO
1994 Sep. Inauguration of preparatory office for foundation of Road Traffic Information Center
20 companies and organizations gathered for intensive studies of project and system in short term
1995 Jun. "VICS center(provisional name)" founders meeting
Jul. Inauguration of Road Traffic Information System center
First chairman: Masao Kamei
Nov. 2nd ITS World congress in Yokohama(Japan)
Exhibiting VICS installed car, and test-ride in ITS World congress 95 in Yokohama
Showing the world that it was close to practical use
1996 Apr. Start provision of information in Tokyo area
Oct. 3rd ITS World congress in Orlando (US)
Publishing the book "The challenges of VICS"
Dec. Start provision of information in Osaka area
1997 Feb. Test-ride event in "3rd Global warming international conference" to demonstrate VICS information
Oct. 4th ITS World congress in Berlin(Germany)
1998 Feb. Planning 2nd term development scheme
Decision to enlarge coverage area up to additional 15 prefectures, and strengthen the system
Oct. 5th ITS World congress in Seoul(South Korea)
1999 Apr. Launching 24-hour FM multiplex broadcasting service
Nov. 6th ITS World congress in Toronto(Canada)
2000 Jun. Mr.Hiroshi Okuda was inaugurated as 2nd chairman
Planning the scheme to develop VICS service nationwide Decided to make remaining 23 prefectures into coverage area by 2002, and to strengthen the system
Jul. Panel exhibit to demonstrate VICS information in Okinawa summit
Nov. 7th ITS World congress in Turin(Italy)
2001 Sep. 8th ITS World congress in Sidney (Australia)
2002 Jun. Mr.Yoichi Morishita was inaugurated as 3rd chairman
Oct. 9th ITS World congress in Chicago(US)
2003 Feb. Nationwide service deployment completed
Oct. 10th ITS World congress in Madrid (Spain)
2004 Jul. Number of on-board units shipped pass the 10million mark
Oct. 11th ITS World congress in Nagoya city, Aichi Prefecture (Japan). We are expected to participate
2005 Apr. Operation started at the new office
Jul. The 10th anniversary VICS CENTER establishment
Nov. 12th ITS World congress in San Francisco (America)
2006 Mar. Annual distribution rate of VICS onboard units:3million
Aggregate distribution of VICS onboard units:15millinon
Apr. The 10th anniversary VICS SERVICE establishment
Oct. 13th ITS World congress in London (England)
2007 Oct. 14th ITS World congress in Beijing (Chaina)
Nov. Aggregate distribution of VICS onboard units surpassed 20million mark
Dec. Result of investigation into"Socioeconomic Effects of Providing VICS Information"is released to the media
2008 Apr. VICS Second System Center completed
Sep. Technology for "5.8GHz radio wave beacon" disclosed and briefing held
Nov. VICS FM multiplex broadcasting stations (518 stations) relicensed
15th ITS World congress in NewYork (America)
2009 Mar. Trial of "weather warnings" using VICS FM multiplex broadcasting started
Jun. Fourth Committee Meeting on Research into Sophistication of VICS held
Sep. 16th ITS World congress in Stockholm (Sweden)